If it so happens that you dont do any prediction for a definite length of time or dont draw any picture, the games going to automatically disqualify you. Player who is successful in gathering the maximum number of points is going to be the one wearing the crown once the game has ended. You have to make use of the mouse left click for the drawing of a picture. Different colours of light also travel at different speeds, and water slows light down. As a result, every single player can become the painter for telling the picked word. If you went even deeper, the blood would change from green to black. Party Girl, bono adam Clayton the Edge /. If you cut yourself (or spear a fish) underwater, the cut bleeds a bright emerald green. Instead, green is reflected by green pigments in the blood that are usually hidden by the reflected red light. Chimney, country, cupcake, curtain, diamond, eyebrow, fireman. Florida, germany, harpoon, husband, lobster, milkman, morning. Campfire, complete, elephant, espresso Exercise Hospital Internet Jalapeno Mosquito Sandwich Scissors Seahorse Skeleton Snowball Sunshade Teaspoon Tortoise Trapdoor Treasure Whatsapp Nine letters: Blueberry Bookshelf Breakfast Bubblegum Butterfly Cellphone Christmas Crocodile Dandelion Hairbrush Hamburger Horsewhip Jellyfish Landscape Librarian Mousetrap Nightmare Pensioner Rectangle Snowboard Spaceship Spongebob Swordfish.

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White light, like the light from our sun, contains all the colours in the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. U2 blue highlight denotes track pick). Why does it change colour? Thats why there are so many red plants, corals, and fish in the ocean. The objective in this rather io game is to make a guess of the word picked by the chosen player to make a drawing of the picture. Bono / Adam Clayton / The Edge / Larry Mullen,. There is more information on this io game online on various sites. Trailer, unibrow, wrinkle, eight letters: Backpack, barbecue, basement, building. A white piece of paper looks white because all the colours are bouncing off it and reflecting into our eyes. Is the name of an io game of drawing and guessing of words. A black object is black because all the colours are absorbed and no light reflects into our eyes.

word speedier compared to others, youre going to gain additional points. U2 3, i Will Follow, bono adam Clayton the Edge /. On you being the picked player for making a drawing of the picture, the games going to present you with 3 words to pick. So as you dive down into the water, the first colour to be filtered out by the water is the slowest: red. But as you draw closer to the surface, the blood turns brown, then pink, and finally red at the surface. You require writing the words using the keyboard that is present in the guessing part for predicting the words. There are words which are starting from thirteen letters to three letters but you can find from thirteen letters to seven letters in this topic. Seven letters: America, balloon, biscuit, blanket, chicken. Word List, the word list is rather extensive. That means that at 30 feet or so, there is no red light in the water, so red light cant bounce off blood into our eyes. However, 20 feet down into the ocean, there is no more red light in the water and the red fish looks black! U2 7 New Year's Day Bono / Adam Clayton / The Edge / Larry Mullen,. In fact, the blood doesnt change colour at all. U2 6 The Electric.

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It has words of many letters. Octagon, octopus, popcorn, printer, sandbox, skyline, spinach. U2 8 "40" Bono / Adam Clayton / The Edge / Larry Mullen,. What Are The Elements Of? On you finding the word, youre free to write down in the guessing part and gain points or try out your chances a second time. Sample Title/Composer, performer 1, gloria, bono adam Clayton the Edge /. U2 5, sunday Bloody Sunday.