Savoy of unknown origin, but dating to the days of the Kingdom of Burgundy Territories edit Clipperton Island, a territory: From the French Île de Clipperton, for the English mutineer and pirate John Clipperton who hid there in 1705. Labourd ( Lapurdi from the Roman city of Lapurdum (modern Bayonne ). Accessed 16 September 2011. Extremadura : from Medieval Latin Extrema Dorii (literally, "extremes of the Douro river referring to the territories south of the Douro basin; or from an Old Castilian word used to designate the further territories controlled by the Christians (see Reconquista ) Galicia : from Latin. Møre probably means sea (land at the sea) and Roms comes from the river Rauma, unknown meaning. The Netherlands government established the province in 1986 on lands reclaimed from the Zuiderzee in the 1950s and 1960s. Inwent Capacity Development Programme: Integrated Water Resources Management in Shared River Basins in the sadc Region. Retrieved 10 February 2009. Helsingfors comes from the name of the surrounding parish, Helsinge (source for Finnish Helsinki ) and the rapids (in Swedish: fors which flowed through the original village. "Willingly Serious actually abbreviates Ganzhou Suzhou ( ) Guangdong ( ) lit.

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This article provides a collection of the etymology of the names of country subdivisions. Kingman Reef, a territory: For Capt. Archived from the original on Retrieved ml "Alsatia". Macau for the Cantonese Chinese pronunciation of ( Maa5gok3 the name of temple of the sea goddess A-Ma, citation needed or A-Ma Gao (, "Bay of A-Ma. Consultant We help you to choose the right product. Jambi : the province takes its name from the historical Jambi Sultanate which ruled over the area from the 17th to the 19th centuries Lampung : From the word "Lambung" in the Old Malay phrase anjak Lambung, which means "descended from the heights". "Montserrat" itself means "jagged mountain". In the Iraqi Constitution, it is referred to as Kurdistan Region.5 The full name of the government is "Kurdistan Regional Government" (abbrev: KRG). "Language of Òc a name given to the Occitan language by Dante according to its way of saying "yes" ( òc ). The area is also claimed by the Sahrawis. Banten : named in the honor of the former Banten Sultanate, which ruled over the region from 16th to the 18th centuries and became one of the main fronts of opposition against the colonial might of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). Fish and Wildlife Service. Öland Östergötland : means Eastern Gothia/Götaland Present counties edit Stockholm : from Stockholm, the city. Coromines suggests an Iberian origin: Laietani (latinization of Iberian laiezken ) *laketani laketans metathesized as catelans catalans, re-inforced by castellani (with an epenthetic s according to Coromines).

Barisan mountain range that runs through all the western part of the Lampung province. Nitra : The first mention of Nitra dates back to 880 (other variations: 826 as Nitrawa, 880 as Nitra, and in 1111/1113 as Nitra, Nitria). Hebei ( ) "North of the Yellow River" Heilongjiang ( ) " Black Dragon River the Chinese name for the Amur River, from its Manchu name Sahaliyan Ula Black River Henan ( ) "South of the Yellow River" Hubei ( ) "North of the Lake. From the medieval Kingdom of Navarre, itself of disputed etymology (either Basque nabar : "brownish, multicolor also "ploughshare or Romance nava : "river bank or Basque naba (valley, plain) herri (people, land). The hydronym means "flowing water" in Mori. Neuchâtel : French for "new castle Neuenburg (with the same semantic meaning) in German Schwyz : named after the town of Schwyz ; the origin of the town name is unknown. United States Virgin Islands, an insular area: See British Virgin Islands above. 33 .

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"Lower Saxony" became differentiated in modern times from the state of Saxony to its southeast. Valga : from German family names de Walco and de Walko. Virumaa : from several Finnic languages virukas "big" or "strong or vire "sharp" or "penetrating" (for wind meaning "land of the strong / big" or "land of the sharp / penetrating winds". The encyclopedic atlas of wine: a comprehensive guide to the world's greatest wines and wineries. Castile : the Spanish/Castilian name Castilla reflects the Spanish castillo castle and the Latin castellum fort" or "fortress with reference to numerous forts or castles erected by King Alfonso I for the defence of the area Catalonia : from the castlà castellan class who governed. Hamburg : from the 9th-century name Hammaburg, where Hamma has multiple conflicting interpretations, but burg means "castle". Kronoberg : from Kronoberg Castle. Scotland: "Land of the Scots attested in the 11th-century Anglo-Saxon Chronicles of Abingdon, Worcester and Laud. 15 The name extended from the historical county (about half lost to French and Dutch neighbours; the rest roughly made up two administrative provinces, East Flanders and West Flanders; in French les Flandres, plural) to the whole Dutch-speaking, majority part of Belgium (French la Flandre. Historical provinces: Blekinge : from the adjective bleke, which corresponds to the nautical term for "dead calm". New York: Oxford University Press. Oxford English Dictionary (2nd.). Billing Troubles with checkout? "The River Revives actually abbreviates Jiangning Suzhou ( ) Jiangxi ( ) lit.

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In old Nordic "botten" meant inner part of a bay/gulf, see the etymology of Bothnia. Johnston Atoll, a territory: For British captain Charles. Hwanghae from the first characters in the city names Hwangju and Haeju. (Ultimate etymology disputed.) Jönköping : from Jönköping, the city. Placenames of the World. Alans, Encyclopædia Iranica Fallis, Catherine,. Oppland the Upper lands Oslo disputed, maybe "the meadow beneath the ridge see History of Oslo's name Rogaland land of the Rugii, an old tribe. As a real etymology or a folk etymology ) stems from the acronym Ikut Republik Indonesia, Anti Nederland Join/Follow the Republic of Indonesia, rejecting The Netherlands) (see the article on the Province of Papua as of 2009 the official Indonesian and internationally recognized name for. Basel : traditionally associated with the Greek basileus king or basileos of the king the city saw itself as preserving the Imperial Roman heritage of its parent settlement, the Roman town of Augusta Raurica. For now unknown reasons, the island and capital city had exchanged names by the 1520s.